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yard manangement

Invented by Joe Radican of K&T Switching Service, Inc. KT3 provides a revolutionary approach to supply chain management. Developing real-time trailer inventory management, his system is patented in the United States and six foreign countries.

Yard management is the ability to track the lifecycle of a container. We understand the importance of knowing the carrier, location, contents and status, delivery time, dwell time, shipping destination, and time of departure of your inventory. Without the ability to capture this information, the distance from the arrival gate to the departure gate of your yard can be the most expensive mile in transportation.

KT3 works vertically within your company’s infrastructure to implement and maintain operation efficiencies. It also works horizontally with outside suppliers and vendors to provide a vital link in the supply chain. This unique approach to yard management gives you the power to streamline day-to-day yard operations, and reduce your cost as it increases your productivity.

A snapshot of your yard on a single screen allows supervisors to effectively manage in-bound and out-bound traffic. Potential problems are identified before they affect yard operations, resulting in lower operating costs and higher productivity.