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T&K Logistics, Inc. is a national logistics company providing innovative transportation support. Specializing in yard management products and services, the company provides Switching Services (equipment and personnel), Yard Management Services (personnel and software), and Solutions (consulting and software) to improve yard operations for our customers. Offering comprehensive yard management solutions to over-the-road, trailer, ocean and intermodal container utilization is the vital link in supply chain logistics.

Current business also includes shuttles (or short runs), of dedicated freight between suppliers and manufacturing facilities. T&K Logistics is a price competitive alternative to regionally-based over-the-road moves. As a natural extension to the switching contract, T&K is able to perform certain freight moves as shuttles – significantly contrasting the cost of truck load or LTL carrier line haul rates.

Resources include 30+ years experience in yard management and licensed access to patented yard management systems and methods. T&K Logistics, Inc. is the second generation operating in the hands-on environment of industrial container movement.

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